Pork Quality Assurance Classes

April- June 2002

Tom Miller , swine field specialist


Consumers and swine packers want assurances from pork producers that the “raw” product which producers are supplying them with is free of any contaminants. This list would include chemical, microbial and any physical contaminants. Swine shows, including 4-H shows, have tended to have a higher incidence of residue problems over the last several years. Packers have become reluctant to purchase pigs exhibited at fairs due to the greater chance of carcass contamination.


Iowa State University Extension staff working with materials developed by National Pork Producers Council have offered Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) Classes to all youth involved with swine projects. The class consists of a three-hour training session educating youth and interested adults in safe swine production practices. Adults are encouraged to work with their swine veterinarian to achieve certification.

Initial certification or renewal certification was taught to 159 youth in my seven county area. Twelve adults attended PQA III training and were a certification statement to share with their veterinarian.



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