Pork Finishing Management Conference

April- June 2002

Roger Brummett, livestock field specialist

There has been a rapid expansion and growth of swine finishing barns in Southwest Iowa . New engineering concepts, health issues, management tools and nutritional advancements have emerged from regional land grant universities to better serve swine finishing barn managers. Iowa environmental regulations are a moving target as is forecasting price trends. Southwest Iowa producers need to be first to have access to this cutting edge research information.

A team from the Iowa Pork Industry Center and the Producer Education Committee of the Iowa Pork Producers Association put together a day long program to address the above mentioned educational needs of finishing barn managers. The program included information and recent research on pen size, social behavior from sorting, use of Paylean in rations, a legal briefing on Iowa 's environmental laws, recent court cases, a marketing session, new ideas in drinker/feeder design and what's new in swine nutrition for wean-to-finish diets. Staff from three land grant universities provided the instruction plus Iowa industry leaders in marketing and law provided the information on legal issues and marketing.

The overall rating of the program was quite good. 100% of the 25 respondents rated the program as good, excellent, or superior. When asked how likely they were to use the information in each of the topics they responded to the Likert scale of not likely - 27, likely - 58, very likely - 58 and already in use - 13. Results from the evaluation device on the question dealing with economic impact were also very positive. The question that was asked was, " When I apply the knowledge gained from this meeting I can increase my income level of my business by:


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