Regional Beef Meeting

Russ Euken - Field Specialist Livestock; Dale Thoreson - Dairy Beef Field Specialist; Bev Peters, Pat Derdzinski and Leroy Jensen - County Extension Directors; and Jackie Dohlman - 4H Program Assistant, Northeast Area

Problem Statement:
Beef Producers in the geographic area do not have as many local educational opportunities offered by commercial companies and Extension as other geographic areas where there are more producers. A couple of individuals asked about the possibility of developing an on going beef regional program to help meet education and information needs of beef producers
Programmatic Response:
A planning group was organized representing several counties. County cattlemen were asked to financially support the effort.  A program was planned and promoted. Commercial businesses were contacted about participating by having an exhibit for a fee.  A youth program was also added to the event. The ICA foundation was contacted for support for the youth program.
In 2005 the event was postponed due to a snowstorm but approximately 30 producers and 30 youth attended the rescheduled event. In 2006 approximately 70 producers and 35 youth attended.
About $5000 from county cattlemen, commercial companies and the ICA foundation has been provided in support of the event the last 2 years.  A planning session has been held to start the preparations for a third year.
Beef producers have another avenue to gain information and education. Surveys of participants the last two years indicated the program met their needs and would like to see it continue. Several have indicated they would make changes in nutrition, pasture management, or other management areas of their beef operation.
Youth have been exposed to many different aspects of beef production and the beef industry through sessions on financial aspects of the beef industry, nutrition, reproduction, and beef safety and nutrition. Many comments were received that the education is very beneficial.

April 2006
107 Iowa Beef Center

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