Beef Selection and Reproduction Programming

Harris Sellers, Livestock Specialist, Southwest Iowa


While the USU beef industry has made rapid progress in producing safe, quality beef products, there is a need to accelerate genetic improvement. From 1993 to 2003 U.S. use of semen for artificial insemination has decreased 8% to 1,025,116 units, while Brazil's use of semen increased 161% to 4,896,204 units. Brazil is emerging as an export competitor with the U.S. Planned AI programs are a huge attribute to successful breeding programs. There is a need to deliver programs that bring new technologies to producers.


In south-central Iowa, the beef program in 2005 has included participation in two state-wide series that addressed these issues. On January 26, a Bull Selection Workshop was held at Attica. On January 27, Lucas County Extension was a site for the Beef Synchronization Webcast. In addition, Joe Sellers and Russ Bredahl presented the ISU synchronization program at a University of Missouri program in Bethany, Missouri on February 7, and Daryl Strohbehn demonstrated the program at the Cornbelt Cow Calf Conference in Pella on February 26. Sellers and Strohbehn also continue to support the Iowa-Missouri Beef Improvement Organization by annually revising the EPD bull standards for IMBIO members participating in their sorted feeder cattle sales.


Over twenty producers attended both the Bull Selection Workshop and the Synchronization Webcast. The interest at the Cow-Calf Conference also was high, and 90 producers attended the session in Bethany. IMBIO producers and local breeders have set selection standards for key traits, improving the quality and consistency of cattle sold in the IMBIO sales at Bloomfield. Sellers completed12 one-on-one consultations on selection and synchronization during February 2005. Evaluations of the Bull Selection Clinic series found that 83% of participants learned new information they could use in their operations, 58% of those participants feel those practices will have over a $500 impact on their operation in cost savings or increased profits.

March 17, 2005
107 -- Iowa Beef Center, 2nd (Jan - March)

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