Feedlot Meeting Features Hot Issues

Beth Ellen Doran, Beef Field Specialist, Northwest

Problem Statement:

Feedlot producers face a lot of current issues manure management, the opening of the Canadian and Japanese borders, a national animal identification system, changing cattle on feed reports and new price risk insurance products.  All of these issues impact the profitability and sustainability of their feedlot enterprise.    
Programmatic Response:

On November 16, 2005 Beth Doran met with a small group of board members from the Lyon, Sioux and Iowa Cattlemens Associations to begin planning a feedlot meeting to address these issues.  The culmination of this was a Feedlot Meeting held at the Corporate Centre in Sioux Center on February 27, 2006.  This meeting was partially supported by sponsorships from 9 animal health companies, a local bank and Farm Credit Services of America.  The meeting reached 133 producers and agri-business personnel from Iowa (representing 12 counties), Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota.  

Producers were asked how the information from this meeting helped them and responded positively:
        87% increased their ability to better manage beef manure
        96% learned what to do if they wanted to feed Canadian feeder cattle
        74% increased their understanding of the National Animal Identification System
        81% increased their knowledge about how to qualify cattle for Japan
        89% had a better understanding of the cattle market
        66% learned how to manage risk with Livestock Gross Margin insurance
Over 76% planned to make changes in their operation.  Changes cited most frequently were:
        Test manure for nutrients and calibrate
        Keep complete, accurate records on Canadian feeder cattle
        Utilize a process verified program to export to Japan
        Watch cattle market indicators and hedge
        Look into Livestock Gross Margin insurance
When asked about the economic impact of the meeting on their operation, the range was from $250 to more than $25,000.  Total economic impact for the meeting was $145,250 and a weighted average was $6916 per operation.
Common comments included Good program, Well planned and pertinent, and Very complete program.  But one comment summed it up best: Very good meeting.  I travel 60 miles from MN to attend every year.  Please keep up the good work and be sure to advertise so I know when to attend!
March 29, 2006
107 Iowa Beef Center

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