National Animal Identification System

John Lawrence, Professor, Economics


USDA is developing and planning on implementing a mandatory National Animal Identification System (NAIS) to trace animals back to the farm of origin in case of a foreign animal disease outbreak.  Cattle producers will have to comply with the program, but were unaware of the details, logistics, implications or costs.


Educate cattle producers and allied industry about the NAIS as it evolves, how it will work, and what will be expected of them.


Developed a fact sheet about NAIS that was printed as a handout and posted to the Web.  The article was picked up by state and national medias as well as colleges in other states.  A poster with the diagram was prepared for field specialists to use at county fairs and other educational events.  The presentation on NAIS, or portions of it, was incorporated into 38 presentations John Lawrence made this year to Iowa producers, veterinarians, and lenders and producers in six other states.


The details of how NAIS will be implemented continues to evolve, but the basic procedures and responsibilities remain constant.  Iowa was the last state to establish a premise number allocation system and the state started accepting applications for a premise number in August.  However, Iowa producers better understand what will be required and what opportunities will be available to them once NAIS is operational.  A survey of Iowa cow-calf producers indicated that 83% support the NAIS.  The sale of electronic ear tags for cattle that will be used in the NAIS is higher than in previous years.



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