Andrew Jackson Demonstration Farm

Larry Tranel, dairy, dairy/beef and forage field specialist

Livestock producers have identified grazing as a profitable means of reducing forage costs and labor. Dairy, dairy/beef and forage field specialist, Larry Tranel, in conjunction with NRCS and CHIPS technician, Ron Claussen identified the need for basic grazing management skills in Jackson County. Cow/calf producers needed to be educated to take better advantage of the forage resource base and the beef cattle industry.

In response to the need to spread grazing management skills, a rotational grazing field presentation was held on the Andrew Jackson demonstration farm. Information relating to managing intensive grazing was discussed and distributed. Field specialist Larry Tranel led the majority of the pasture management discussion on basic grazing skills.

Twenty-one people from three counties attended the pasture walk. Novice producers reported being impressed with learning why rotational grazing works. A more experienced grazer reported that after listening to the informal presentation he now understood the mistakes and implications of his current management techniques. A third grazer reported increased enthusiasm for building up his grazing system with more cows and pasture. Based on the questions asked, the individuals in charge felt the knowledge of producers for grass growth, grazing practices, pasture establishment, species determination, fertilization requirement, watering avenues, harvest management, bloat deterrence and production increases were all furthered due to the pasture walk and the information provided by ISU Extension.

Participants outlined additional needs on grazing and requested follow-up through individual farm visits. They also requested more information on improving their intensive grazing management skills. Thanks to a mini-grant from the Iowa Beef Center, more demonstration work will be done in watering systems and seeding of pastures in the next year.

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