EQIP Grazing Management Training

April- June 2002

Joe Sellers , livestock field specialist


Priority EQIP funds were available to producers in the Lucas County area for prescribed grazing systems. Staff in the local NRCS office and local commissioners identified needed education for the 17 operations receiving EQIP funds. Attending an educational workshop conducted by Extension and NRCS staff was a requirement for participation.


Response :

Sellers and Brian Peterson, NRCS Grasslands Conservationist, planned and conducted a seminar at the McNay Research farm, held in February, 2002. Topics included:

This session included handout materials featuring the Iowa Pasture Management Guide developed by Iowa State University Extension. Financial support was provided by registration fees, money from the Lucas County Soil and Water Conservation District, and funds from the Southern Iowa Forage and Grazing Committee.

Impact :

Thirty producers and staff members from NRCS, ISU Extension and ISU Experiment Station attended the meeting. A follow-up evaluation is planned. At the state level, the technical committee is considering changes to the EQIP grazing programs that may include an education requirement for participating farmers. This may provide opportunities for Extension to partner with NRCS and FSA to deliver education, including the Cow College planned for this summer. 


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