Cyclone Beef Days - Part II

October - December 2002

Carl Neifert , livestock field specialist
Joe Sellers , livestock field specialist



Management of the newly weaned calf crop presents many challenges to cow-calf producers each year. Producers are looking for ways to add value to their calf crop. Calf nutrition, health and marketing strategies are the three areas of most concern to these cow-calf producers.


A second part of a multi-year effort to provide a hands-on-learning educational experience was developed, "Cyclone Beef Days—Making the Most of Your Calf Crop." A mixture of hands-on-training, chute-side/corral side discussions and classroom instruction was developed for a four-hour time period. The three program components were: Retained Ownership Alternatives—How have they performed?; Nutrition for the Newly Weaned Calf; and Improve Profits by Preventing Bad Days. Seven meeting locations were scheduled around the state. Preregistration was required with a minimum of 15 by 24 hours prior to event date.


Three of locations canceled because of lack of sufficient preregistration. Four meetings were held with a total 82 attendees. Evaluations were gathered from 56 attendees at three of the locations. The following are evaluation results:

Demographics of attendees:
Attendees represented over 3100 cows in an average operation size of 82 cows per herd.
30% market calves as feeders, 15% background calves and market as feeders, 15% use a combination of back grounding and marketing calves, 33% retain ownership to harvest, and 7% use some other marketing strategy.


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