4-H Cattle Feeding Project

October - December 2002

Roger Jensen , Sac county extension education director


4-H members were looking for an alternative to the traditional beef project. They wanted to learn about feeding cattle in a feedlot situation.


To facilitate this request, the advanced cattle feeding project was started in Sac County . The first year the project was started, we weighed in three pens of cattle. This year we started with 14 pens of cattle. Each 4-H member is permitted to weigh in four head at the beginning of the project. From the four head the member weighs in, he or she can select three head of the cattle to terminate the project. The cattle are evaluated live then immediately trucked to the harvesting facility to gather the production information.
This year the cattle were placed on the Feedlot Monitoring Program. Extension staff met twice with the 4-H members during the feeding period. These meetings were used to help the members understand the information they were receiving from the Feedlot Monitoring Program. The participants submitted monthly feed records to be entered into the program. Once the data was entered, the analysis was printed and returned to the 4-H member. A closeout was run for the members for use in their 4-H Record Books.


The project has increased from three to 14 pens in four years. The addition of the use of the Feedlot Monitoring Program has helped 4-H members adjust their feeding programs for better profitability. The program has as helped 4-H members understand some of the difficulties they may encounter in feeding cattle.


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