Increasing Number of Commercial Grape Growers in Iowa

October - December 2002

Mike White , crops field specialist


The number of commercial grape growers in Iowa has increased from 17 in 1999 to approximately 200 in 2002. These growers have invested between $3,000 to $5,000 per acre to get started in these enterprises. Approximately 15% of these growers are seriously considering a winery. Several wineries are currently in the planning or construction phase. Unfortunately, most of these people have little knowledge or experience in grape production (viticulture) or wine making (enology). Technical assistance in wine-grape production and general information about the wine industry is greatly needed


During the past fiscal year, Oct. 1, 2001 to Sept. 30, 2002 Mike White, crops field specialist, has been actively involved in organizing 22 educational events, presenting at 24 educational events and consulting with individual clients. During this time-frame, Mike has made a total of 2,066 viticulture contacts consisting of 1,230 (60%) educational event contacts and 836 (40%) individual one-on-one contacts.


The educational content and materials given at these meetings, along with the educational and referral information given to these 2,066 clients, has greatly increased the viticulture and enology knowledge base of this new Iowa Industry.


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