Grape and Wine Training Sessions

October - December 2002

Mike White , crops field specialist


The Iowa grape industry has grown dramatically over the last three years. There were approximately 31 acres of Iowa commercial vineyards in 1999. There are
approximately 200 growers and 400 acres of commercial grapes in the state today. The majority of these growers know very little about growing grapes. Some of these growers are also planning to establish a winery. Very few have any experience or knowledge of making wine on a commercial basis.


In 2002, Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Summerset Winery, located north of Indianola, started a second season of working together to present a series of
grape and wine training sessions. Both ISU Extension and out-of -state experts were brought in to provide the training. Registration charges covered all the
costs of this program. The program dates and topics presented at each session included: 
March 16, 2002 Planting, Site Selection, Variety Selection, Pruning, Propogation and Fertility
April 13. 2002 Pesticides, Sprayer Mgt., Weed Control and Vineyard Cost of Production
May 7, 2002 Animal Damage Control and Disease Management
June 4. 2002 Insects, Insecticides and Canopy Management
July 9, 2002 Organic Grape Production
Aug. 6, 2002 Wine Making
Sept. 7, 2002 Harvest Management


A total of 447 people (71 per meeting) received needed training in grape production and wine making. This training is essential to help get Iowa 's
fledgling grape and wine industry to grow in Iowa .


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