The Post Harvest Marketing Challenge:  Winning the Game

 Ron Hook, Farm Management Field Specialist, Northwest

Problem Statement:
Farmers need to develop a marketing plan for grain not sold prior to harvest.  The plan needs to be simple and effective while considering the costs of storing grain.
Programmatic Response:
The Post Harvest Marketing Challenge workshop was conducted around the state of Iowa through the joint sponsorship of ISUE, County Farm Bureaus and other ag businesses.  This workshop provides a simple format for a post-harvest marketing plan as well as information on how to implement the plan using various tools demonstrated in the workshop.
A survey of participants conducted six months after the workshops held during November 2004 April 2005 was returned by 217 individuals. 
      84% indicated that they made a post harvest marketing plan as a result of attending this workshop. 
      Then when asked if they actually implemented the plan 87% of those who said they made a plan actually put the plan into action. 
      83% said that they implemented a new strategy as a result of the workshop
      Nearly 97% rated the value of this educational program as 4 or 5 out of a possible 5.
      When asked about storing grain into the summer after harvest, 70% said they would store less corn after July 1 than in past years and 52% said they would store less beans after August 1 in past years.
      When asked for comments in their own words:
                  I found the program to be very valuable to the tune of $10,000 advantage from some of the ideas I implemented.  A+ program.
                  Well worth the time.  I would attend again and recommend to others.
                  Very educational and informative.  One of the more valuable marketing classes I have attended.

March 31, 2006
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