Land Ownership and Leasing Issues

Kelvin Leibold, Farm Management Field Specialist, Central

Problem Statement:

The change in farmland ownership and farmland use has been dramatic.  The percent of land owned by people over age 75 has doubled since 1982.  Today almost one-half of the land is owned by people over age 65.  Almost one out of every five acres in Iowa is owned by a non-Iowa resident.  The demand for information on land values and farmland issues is continually increasing as the number of owner operators declines.
Programmatic Response:

I held nine seminars on land values and leasing issues in Central Iowa.  Information was provided on land values, factors impacting land values, trends in land ownership, farmland leasing trends and emerging issues, rental rates, calculating rental rates, impact of risk management tools, and a summary of ISU Extension resources.  I also demonstrated the use of five spreadsheets to assist the participants in making better leasing decisions.  Participants are provided a hundred page reference guide to provide more in-depth information on key issues.

Ninety-six people attended the seminars.  Comments from participants included:  I have a better understanding of different ways to calculate rent; I didnt have any idea of what the costs were to put in a crop; Im glad to know the rent that I am getting is fair; I didnt know that information like this was even available; and I appreciate you making the spreadsheets available on the web. One participant was appreciative of the information on all of the jargon that is used when referring to NRCS, FSA, CRP, and CSRs. One participant stated I plan to download the spreadsheets and use them right away.  Another participant emailed, I just returned from Iowa. My father, brother and myself have been working together on family business. This is a first, and I'd like to thank you for helping me get three completely different men to work together towards a common goal.  These programs generate dozens of follow up calls where I go into more depth on an individual basis.

March 17, 2006                
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