Field and Feedlot Newsletter

Ron Hook, farm management field specialist


Field and Feedlot is a newsletter written by agricultural field specialists in Northwest Area Extension. The newsletter has been part of the ag scene in the area for over twenty years. Its purpose is to provide timely information to area producers on a variety of topics. To accomplish this each issue has an article on a topic of interest in the beef, swine, crops, and general farm management areas. Articles on dairy and ag engineering are included in alternate issues. The articles are submitted to the Osceola County Extension office where each issue is edited and prepared to go out to all county offices in the area during the last week of each month. Field and Feedlot is an important means of getting vital information out to over 4000 producers in the area by regular mail and e-mail. In addition to being mailed out to producers some county directors use the information provided in Field and Feedlot as information to discuss on their weekly radio programs. The newsletter also reaches beyond northwest Iowa because of links at the Northwest Area and Todd Vagt's websites.


A recent survey of 221 recipients provided the following information. Over 80 percent of the respondents were over 45 years of age and 95 percent were male. Eighty percent indicated that they read the newsletter every month. One third said the value of the information was over $500 over the course of one year. 95% said they would like to continue receiving the newsletter. As an author of many articles for Field and Feedlot I frequently hear from producers that read about a topic or meeting in the newsletter and want more information or express their thanks for the information presented.
Comments included:
Use your information and have attended crop and livestock meetings by Ron Hook, Kris Kohl, and Beth Doran.
Appreciate finding out about meeting times and dates in your newsletter.
Even though I am retired from farming, I do read Field and Feedlot and consider the information contained to be valuable.

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