Pre-Harvest Marketing Workshops: Winning the Game

Ron Hook, farm management field specialist


Grain marketing is the most difficult aspect of the farm business that most producers deal with. In an attempt to meet the need for education in this area pre-harvest marketing workshops titled "Winning the Game" were held around the state. Using materials developed at the University of Minnesota, Iowa Farm Bureau personnel and ISU Extension personnel combined forces to deliver this program. In northwest Iowa I teamed with Tom Olson, Steve Johnson, and Al Grigg to present eight workshops. The locations were Holstein, Spencer, Estherville, Algona, Melvin, Le Mars, Larchwood, and Rock Valley with 230 individuals attending.
Evaluations of the meeting were filled out by 164 individuals, who gave the program a 4.17 rating on a one to five scale; One indicating the program was "not valuable at all" and five indicating the program was "very valuable". Almost one half, 47.92 percent, said they had developed a marketing plan in the past, but only 7.53 percent had implemented that plan. As a result of this workshop, the percentage indicating plans to develop a marketing plan rose to 92.81 percent and the percentage indicating plans to implement the entire plan rose to 56.52 percent. The plans to pre-harvest market grain rose from 73.65 percent to 92.54 percent, as a result of attending a Winning the Game workshop. Awareness of the workshop came from an invitation from the session sponsor (31%), Farm Bureau Spokesman articles (29 percent), local newspaper (11 percent), ISU Extension (seven percent), and other sources (22 percent).


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