Ag Marketing Club Improves Net Farm Profits

Steven Johnson, farm and ag business management field specialist, central Iowa
Debbie Van Arkel, Poweshiek County extension education director


Tight global carryout stocks for feed grains and poor U.S. soybean production in 2003 created volatile crop prices in 2004.  Limited use of crop market plans and strategies to capture high prices, especially pre-harvest sales, were of concern.


A group of local producers, landowners and agribusiness professionals organized by Debbie Van Arkel, ISU Poweshiek County Extension Director, and Steven Johnson, Farm and Ag Business Management Field Specialist, formed an Ag Marketing Club that has met monthly during the winter months since 2000 in Lynnville.  A Leadership Team defined club topics, speakers and content.  The club held six fall, winter and early spring meetings in 2003-04.  With the likelihood of price volatility, three additional summer area meetings were planned and conducted.


More than 80 participants were in attendance from November through April.  Respondents in attendance placed an average value per farm on these meetings at $2,900.  The three summer area meetings drew an additional 70 participants.  Respondents in attendance placed an average value per farm for all meetings conducted since November at $11,000.

As a result, the Lynnville Ag Marketing Club will continue for a fifth consecutive year with new program topics and exemplary speakers and content planned.  This club serves as a model of information dissemination and improved knowledge regarding crop marketing for the entire state of Iowa.

August 2004
104 – Ag Financial and Risk Management


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