Ag Decision Maker Expanded Internet Usage

Don Hofstrand, value-added agriculture field specialist

Ag Decision Maker is a decision-oriented agricultural business newsletter and handbook for farmers, lenders, farm managers, agriculture instructors, and others.  It is designed to help make important business decisions affecting the farm business.  Although the print version has been available for many years, an internet version has been implemented in recent years.

Types of information included in the internet version are:

Newsletter Articles -- This section is updated monthly and provides analysis and insight into many of the issues facing modern agriculture.

Information Files -- More than 200 files providing information and procedures for analyzing and finding solutions to many of the decisions farmers and agribusinesses have to face.

Decision Aid -- Decision Aids (spreadsheets) are available for on-line computation. Enter your figures into the spreadsheet to analyze your individual situation.

Teaching Activities -- Teaching Activities are available for use in high school classrooms. Students can complete the Teaching Activities from information provided in the Information Files and save or print the document and give it to their instructor.

Results and Impact

In addition to 300 subscriptions to the print version of Ag Decision Maker, the internet version of Ag Decision Maker has grown substantially since its inception in 2001.  Below are growth statistics.  Much of the growth is due to a promotional campaign last winter that was organized and implemented by Extension Communications and funded by the Program Leader for ANR. 

104 - Financial Management

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