Dairy Market Price Management

Robert Tigner, farm management field specialist

Dairy farm operators experienced a 20-month period of milk prices near 20-month lows. Farmers were looking for ways to enhance their milk price as well as protect future rises in milk prices. Ag professionals expressed concern about the financial stress that was being observed on dairy farms.

Jointly with Three Rivers Farm Service and NICC-Peosta, Robert Tigner, Iowa State University Extension (ISUE) farm management specialist presented a milk-marketing seminar in August 2003. Three Rivers FS agreed to sponsor the seminar by paying the travel costs of speakers.

The purpose of the seminar was to:

Fourteen people attended the seminar. Two people from the news media reported on the seminar. Attendees were given a floppy disk containing tools to calculate the cost of milk production. Attendees also received publications on milk market information sources and how to formulate milk price projections.

Five attendees completed surveys. One attendee commented that he took action to protect milk prices as a result of the seminar.

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