Iowa Manure Matters-Odor and Nutrient Management Newsletter

Angela Rieck-Hinz, P&S, Agronomy Department    


Manure management and related concerns such as soil and water quality, odor management, and additional air quality concerns are important topics to Iowa producers.  It is imperative that information regarding these topics be shared with producers to assist them in management decisions based on sound science and economic data as well as to help meet the ever-changing and complex regulatory requirements.


The objective of the Iowa Manure Matters-Odor and Nutrient Management Newsletter is to provide timely educational articles relating to manure management concerns and animal agricultural air quality issues to Iowa crop and livestock producers, their technical advisors, agency staff, researchers, agribusinesses, local government officials and veterinarians.   


An eight-page, color newsletter is published quarterly and is distributed by direct mailing to 6,015 subscribers.  In addition, copies are made available through all 100 county Extension offices in Iowa and through each USDA-NRCS field office.  The newsletter is also available on-line with an average of 5,100 visitors monthly. 


A survey was conducted in December 2005 regarding the ONM newsletter. Forty-four percent of respondents replied the newsletter improved their ability to make management decisions; 74% of respondents said the newsletter contained information that was not available to them elsewhere. One specific question was asked of the readers to determine changes in their practices as a result of information provided in the newsletter.

Did you change any fertility management practice, manure management practice or employ odor control technologies as a result of information in Odor and Nutrient Management?

(Check all that apply).

__ Odor management

__ Manure application rates

__ Application technology

__ Implement regulatory requirements

__ Nutrient management practices

__ Substitution of manure for commercial fertilizer

__ Other (specify)__________________________

13% changed their odor management practices,

22% changed their manure application rate,

 4% implemented regulatory requirements, and

17% substituted manure for commercial fertilizer,

September 2006

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