Confinement Site Manure Applicators Meetings Continue to be a Success

 Daniel J. Meyer, Ag Engineer Field Specialist, Northeast

Problem Statement:
The Iowa DNR rules continue to change, be more restrictive and the forms more complicated.  Manure confinement applicators look to extension for help in learning whats new in DNR rules and methods to adjust their manure application and manure plans to fit into the DNR rules.
Programmatic Response:
Extension held 14 confinement site applicators meetings around the 20 county Northeast Iowa area.  They put a team together to prepare the DNR rules, manure sampling strategies, BMPs of feed management and BMPs of biofilters topics at the meetings which were delivered by regional extension field specialists in livestock and agricultural engineering. 
The survey data was compiled on 231 evaluations from those farmers attending the 14 meetings.  The information presented on the DNR rules was labeled as excellent or good by 96% of the attendees.  Manure sample strategies was given the highest rating of 97% on the information presented.  The BMPs of feed management and biofilters were given the same 92% rating on information presented.  Ninety-four percent of the attendees said the presenters were prepared and knowledgeable.  Eighty-two percent of the attendees said the information presented was useful for their farm operation.  The survey showed last years topic of implementing a soil sampling plan to meet the P-Index manure plan requirements was adopted by 68% of the attendees.  This year 72% of the attendees planned to develop and implement a feed management plan to address manure nutrients and air quality whereas only 33% were planning to develop and implement the other more expensive biofilters. 

April 6, 2006
103 - Nutrient Management

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