Radio Shows Reach Thousands of Clients

Clarke McGrath, Crops Field Specialist, Southwest
Problem Statement:

Area growers and ag retailers have crop production and protection challenges and questions that require informed decisions nearly year around.  From input purchases and crop management decisions made during non-growing months to timely in season issues, both growers and suppliers demand quick access to accurate, unbiased information.  Print media may not reach the audience fast enough, and individual client calls can be inefficient, especially for wide spread issues.
Programmatic Response:

In cooperation with several regional radio stations, I do radio shows during scheduled peak ag programming times.  We do both live and taped shows, with edited versions played several times throughout each day for several days when an issue is problematic enough.  We usually cover 1 to 3 topics each show, and if needed we have done multiple shows during busy crop management weeks.  The shows give research based, unbiased information on integrated crop management we are currently working with or may be facing in the near future, including a description of the issue and its implications, management options and where to find more information.

KMA, KJAN, KKBZ, KCSI, KSIB, KSOM and occasionally when we do shows with stations in other areas of the Midwest, all reach large audiences.  A quantifiable example is the KMA print tabloid that I write articles for.  KMA sends the tabloids to over 30,000 listeners that the station has identified as in an agricultural field.  Hundreds of times throughout the year, I receive phone calls or am talked to in person about the information from the shows.  The clients comment on our shows being a great source of information and/or the reason they were able to be aware of and manage a crop pest.  The radio stations also say that they receive much positive input about the informational shows.  The radio shows have been a tremendous tool to reach suppliers, agronomists and growers as well as a great way to increase the visibility of ISUE.  
February 6, 2006
103 - Nutrient Management and 142 - Integrated Pest and Crop Management

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