Dry Manure Applicator Certification Program

Rachel Klein, P&S, Agronomy Department


House File 2494 passed in 1998 and required commercial manure applicators and confinement site livestock producers, of a certain size, to be certified to land apply manure in the state of Iowa.  With this ruling, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources was designated the regulatory agency and Iowa State University Extension was designated to provide the educational and training portion of the certification program. 


The objective was to find out if dry manure applicators have or would adopt manure management practices they received in their certification training from Iowa State University Extension in 2006. 


In 2006, three dry manure applicator workshops were delivered in three cities in Iowa; Thompson, Clarion, and Greenfield.  The workshops were designed specifically for dry manure applicators and their concerns with the dry manure application process. There were a total 98 applicators at all three workshop sites.  The applicators were asked if they had or would plan to adopt the practices of sampling manure, selling dry manure, and calibrating manure spreaders. 


After each of the training programs, all of the applicators were asked to fill out an evaluation sheet on that days training session.  As a result, the dry manure applicators planned to change their management practices.

In 2006, 36% (35/98) of the dry manure applicators already sample manure; 17% (17/98) planned on adopting the practice of sampling manure.  As a result of asking if the applicators planned to sell the dry manure, 30% (29/98) said they already sell it; 13% (13/98) said they plan to adopt this practice.  The last question asked the applicators if they would calibrate the manure spreaders:  48% (47/98) said they have already adopted this practice; 17% (17/98) said they planned to adopt this practice.

September 2006

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