Humboldt County's New Soil Survey Kickoff

John Eveland, Humboldt County Extension Education Director

Problem Statement:  
An updated soil survey has been anxiously waited for by residents of Humboldt County.  Some producers, agronomists, bankers, and business people have not been trained on uses of the soil survey.  Many stakeholders did not know how to use the new digitized soils maps that came with the new soil survey.
Programmatic Response:

A soil survey kickoff presentation and workshop was held for Humboldt County residents, business people, bankers, NRCS staff and county conservation committee, board of supervisors, FFA members, extension council members, and county and city administrators.  Also, three producer distribution meetings were held for land owners, operators, and farm managers.  Soil Survey books and CDs were distributed at the meetings and interactive workshops were presented on how to use the books, maps, and CDs by ISU Agronomy Extension and Natural Resources Conservation Services staff. 

Attendance at the kickoff meeting was 50 and at the three distribution meetings were 49.   Several people said after the kickoff and distribution meetings that they did not realize that the soil survey had so many uses besides agriculture.  One person told us that they were planning on building a new house but will now change the location due to poor soil structure based on this soil survey.  Many producers were excited to see the digitized soil maps on the CDs and how that information and maps can help them make better management decisions.  Several producers told us they were glad to learn and better understand how to determine corn suitability ratings for soil types on their farms.

August 2006
103 - Nutrient Management

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