National Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) Development Training and Technical Service Provider (TSP) Certification for USDA/NRCS TechReg

Robert Burns and Lara Moody, Faculty and P&S, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
The Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, the farm bill, allows for USDA recognized technical service providers (TSPs) to be reimbursed for CNMP development and other specific technical services. To be a recognized TSP, individuals must complete a series of requirements and certify in the areas they will provide service. A key requirement in the CNMP areas is completion of an NRCS approved training course.
ISU entered into a national MOU with USDA to certify individuals who can then be recognized by USDA as TSPs on TechReg. The CNMP Developent Course is a component of the Iowa State University CNMP Certification Program. The CNMP Development Course provides the educational component of the ISU TSP certification program. This three-day short course was designed to train individuals in the development of CNMPs. The 2004 national CNMP Development Course was held in Indianapolis, IN.
Last November 117 individuals attended the training in Indianapolis; 29 states were represented, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. Of those attending 69 individuals are pursuing certification as TSPs, and 9 have already completed the requirements for our program and are working as TSPs for USDA/NRCS.
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