Manure Management Plan Assistance  

Greg Brenneman, FS-Ag Engineering, Southeast Iowa     


With changes in Iowa, regulations implementing the Iowa P-index for manure management plans, producers have requested assistance with understanding, calculating, and implementing the P-index into manure management plans.    


Information on the P-index was included as a part of the Manure Applicator Certification Program.  In the past year I assisted 32 producers in filling out the IDNR Manure Management Plan forms.  For a number of producers this included calculations of the P-index for their fields. By working with the producers to fill out the MMP forms, I was able to help them understand how the manure application rates were being calculated, the nitrogen availability in the manure based on plot trials in southeast Iowa, and how the necessary record keeping with the plans was.        


Numerous producers stated that the assistance provided saved them several days work if trying to develop these plans on their own.  Several stated that they would be adjusting their manure application rates based on our discussions.

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