Manure Management Plan Workshops

Kapil Arora, agricultural engineering field specialist


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) implemented new annual manure management plan requirements in February 2003. These new requirements mandate livestock producers with over 500 animal units to submit updated plans on the new DNR forms for manure management. Revisions to Iowa DNR rules and requirements are being implement almost annually due to the issues surrounding manure nutrient management.


Iowa State University Extension delivered seven manure management plan writing workshops in central Iowa from February through June 2003. Specialists from ISU Extension answered questions concerning the interpretation of rules and certification requirements, and provided educational assistance on how to fill out the plans accurately. Several livestock producers prefer to discuss options openly with extension specialists rather than calling DNR and/or other consultants for assistance.


A total of 34 producers and consultants attended seven workshops conducted by extension agricultural engineer Kapil Arora. The assistance provided helped producers fill out their plans accurately and submit them to DNR in a timely fashion. When asked at the end of the workshops if the assistance provided was useful or not, most produces responded that it was extremely helpful as they were able to learn how to fill out plans accurately. Many stated that they will continue to seek further assistance through ISU Extension. A few producers continued to call Kapil Arora after the workshops to seek additional help with filling out plans for their other operations. Producers saved several hundred dollars by completing the plans themselves and learned how to accurately land apply manure at these workshops. Additionally, this helped producers to better manage manure nutrients and at the same time minimize pollution potential of farmlands receiving manure applications.


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