Confinement Site Manure Application Meetings

October - December 2002

Robert Behnkendorf , Kossuth county extension education director


The increased number of livestock confinement units in Kossuth county, 700,000 swine annual production, and the reduced profits from row crops has area producers searching for ways to utilize the nutrient value of manure to reduce costs of crop fertilization.


Confinement site manure application meetings were held in Kossuth county to inform livestock producers and grain producers of the financial and nutrient value to grain production and proper manure application procedures.


A total of 112 producers participated in the meetings or one on one consultations with Iowa State University Extension staff. Results of consultation or attending the meetings included the following plans for changes in participants farming operations.
1. Develop a manure management plan
2. Sample manure to be applied for soil nutrient content
3. Calibration of manure application equipment
4. Develop better record plans for documentation
5. Research costs savings by owning their own application equipment
One grain producer indicated fertilization cost savings of $24,500 per year to his 700 acre corn production. He also indicated an additional savings of $10,000 for applying the manure with his own equipment.


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