Partnering Effort Increases Student Interest in Environmental and Biological Studies

Elwynn Taylor, Faculty, Agronomy Department


Farmers and students in Iowa benefit from educational programs delivered to local areas.  Seminars for students can make young people aware of opportunities for study and carrier training in the broad areas of science that will benefit the student and the wellbeing of the agriculturally based economy of Iowa.   State funding has concurrently adversely impacted allocations for hosting educational events and programs but increased partnering efforts with business, schools and public service organizations can reverse trends toward diminished awareness of carrier opportunities.


The objective of this effort was to establish or strengthen partnering efforts in non-credit public education and awareness of opportunities in formal education.


Beginning in 2000 an effort to have joint venture cooperation was initiated with the Kiwanis organization at Hamburg Iowa.  The program includes an annual farmer educational program concerning the management of weather related risk to production and marketing.  The Kiwanis group also arranges a seminar in Climate and Agriculture that is presented to the Hamburg High School each year. 


High School teachers and administrators and persons at the Extension office have commented that more students are talking about ISU and many more students than ever before are choosing ISU.   The College of Agriculture has sponsored a presentation to the entire High School student body at Hamburg, IA during each of the past six years.  It is not certain that the exposure associated with the educational effort is the catalyzing factor, but the programs have been enthusiastically received by students and teachers who continue to request this annual program activity.  The activity is co-sponsored by the College of Agriculture and ISU Extension partnering with the High School and the Kiwanis organization.

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