Annie's Project

Kelvin Leibold, Farm Management Field Specialist, Central

Problem Statement: 
Farm women are a critical part of the success of the farm business.  Women want to learn more about the management of the farm businesses.  There are very few opportunities for women to receive education in this area that focuses on the areas of production risk, market risk, financial risk, legal risk and human resources risks.
Programmatic Response: 
To meet this need three workshops were held in West Des Moines, Boone and Nevada Iowa during February and March of 2006.  The program included six 3-hour workshops that included topics on using the internet, Excel spreadsheets, developing a business plan, mission statement and goals, how property is titled, leases, retirement and estate planning, crop marketing, financial records and types of insurance.  This was an interactive learning experience taught in a computer lab.
The workshops were attended by 54 farm women.  The participants responses to open ended questions included:  I was surprised to learn the volume of detailed information, all the information available and all thats needed to be successful, how interesting it was, the fact that I actually had a pretty good basis in each area more than I thought I had, and the amount of work required.
When asked to complete the statement I believe .. responses included: this should be required for all women, I am in more control of my life than I was 7 weeks ago, that I have learned a lot and will continue as I apply what I have learned, and that I need to get more organized.
When asked I plan to participants responded plan to follow the markets, be asking a lot more questions in the future, pass this along to my son, continue updating, do a better job of staying on top of things, and apply all that I have learned.
Four of the women from the Nevada site have met with me individually as a result of the program to go into more depth on issues that were discussed during the program.

March 17, 2006
101 - Strategic and Organizational Management Development for Iowas Farm Businesses


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