Partnering Effort Increases Total Registered Attendance

Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University Extension Climatologist, Agronomy


Farmer/agronomist attendance at non-credit educational conferences has proven learning and implementation effectiveness.  During the past twenty years, commercial entities have increasingly offered educational training events to the affiliated public.  State funding has concurrently adversely impacted allocations for hosting educational events.


The objective of this effort was to establish or strengthen partnering efforts in non-credit public education.


Beginning in 2002 an effort to have joint venture cooperation was initiated with the Iowa Farm Bureau, several rural cooperatives, and several farm oriented financial and supply oriented businesses.   This effort resulted in 84 jointly sponsored educational meetings on the subject of “Weather Risk Management in Crop Production and Marketing” during the 2005 fiscal year.


The registered attendance at the joint venture educational meetings in 2005 was 12,035.  This represents a substantial increase in program delivery effectiveness and comprised 9.8% of the total non-credit course enrollment in agricultural operations reported in the 2005 fiscal year report to the Board of Regents.  All operational costs (other than instructor salary) were paid by the partnering organizations.


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