Livestock Decision-Making

Dale Thoreson, dairy, beef and forages field specialist

Each livestock farm is unique. Trouble shooting changes or modernizations must be designed for the specific situation. An on-the-farm experience must be initiated to respond with site-specific change alternatives to accommodate each situation.

Over 120 site-specific educational events are carried out, many with interested agri-businesses, cooperating USDA agencies, or local extension educators each year by this field specialist. Producers/agri-businesses are allowed to express and show the field specialist their concerns. Site specific questions and discussion follows. Alternative solutions are outlined and left with the client.

Site-specific educational events were surveyed for their impact. Seventeen responses related to livestock were returned with the site-specific value for the average 92 cow dairy herd at $1,074 and $15,210 for the 1,300-head feedlot. Some of the changes implemented include: buying a different feedlot program, attaching milkers sooner, remodeling the holding pen, cementing the old gutter and making an incline in the holding pen, adding lights, and changing bedding practices. Changes planned include: remove the Hbunk, building a floor feedbunk, and providing more room per cow. One planned change that didn't occur due to the expense of the changes needed was the purchase of a farmstead.


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