Agriculture Marketing Clubs

January - March 2003

Steven Johnson , farm and agriculture business management field specialist

For the third consecutive year, low commodity prices prompted the federal government to provide Market Loss Assistance (MLA) payments in 2001 to crop producers nationwide.

Government payments now account for one-half of the net income of producers in the state of Iowa . With tight profit margins, most producers must maximize their crop marketing strategies in order to maintain net equity in their farming operations.

Since the winter of 2000, several Ag Marketing Clubs have been established in central Iowa . A club typically consists of 15 to 30 individuals that meet monthly during the winter. Extension has partnered with the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation to help promote and facilitate many of these club activities. Steven Johnson facilitated various agricultural marketing topics and coordinated presentations at 30 different club meetings from November 2001 to March 2002. Members at four of the Ag Marketing Club sites responded to a written evaluation that summarized the success of various activities and presentations.

Seventy-two club members responded to the written evaluation. Sixty-four members placed an average dollar benefit the Ag Marketing Club contributed to their farming operation as $9,005. Plans are to expand the scope and delivery of education for existing and help establish new clubs in a statewide partnership effort with the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation.

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