Bremer County Corn/Soybean Test Plot Field Day

October - December 2002

Darrin Siefken, Bremer county extension education director


Farmers are looking for crop comparisons and yield information that is unbiased and research based. They also would like to visit with seed dealers and make a wise decision based on local research.


The local Bremer County Comparative Crop Plots have been coordinated for eight years through the cooperative effort of local organizations. The Bremer County Corn/Soybean Association along with the Iowa State University (ISU) Extension - Bremer County Office and plot cooperator Steve Boevers joined forces to make this test plot a reality.

This year, over 20 companies submitted entries to the plot, which included conventional corn and soybeans along with Round-Up ready soybeans. Nearly 225 people attended the field day on August 28. The Bremer County Pork Producers and Dairy Promoters provided an excellent meal. George Cummins, ISU Extension crop specialist, addressed the crowd about this season's plot tests and environmental conditions. Dr. Alfred Blackmer, ISU agronomy professor was the featured speaker. He spoke about nitrogen research the Iowa Soybean Association and ISU Extension has been involved with. George Cummins provided a tabletop display and ISU pamphlets about crop pests. Bob Brunkhorst, our local State Representative, along with a neighboring candidate from Fayette County were in attendance.


Yield data will be included in the Bremer County Corn/Soybean Plot Data book that is provided free. 400 copies of the books are distributed annually. ISU Extension - Bremer County and Bremer County Corn/Soybean Producers sponsor the plot. Financial sponsors and volunteer organizations, include the Bremer County Farm Bureau, Bremer County Banks, Sumner and Wapsie Valley FFA, Bremer County Beef Producers, Dairy Promoters, Pork Producers and interested individuals.


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