Safety & Risk Management Academy

Charles V. Schwab, Faculty, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


There is a void of programming to help professionals build the skills of new safety managers and enhance the leadership and safety culture within an organization.


Assist professionals and companies to make the transition to human performance improvement principles and practices for safety and risk management.


The Master Builders of Iowa and Iowa State University have formed an alliance to bring about the first Safety & Risk Management Academy. The Academy was formed to enhance the management and leadership skills of those serving in positions with responsibility for occupational safety and health. The Academy curriculum was designed for any type of business or industry, small, midsize or large firms. Safety and health professionals have developed and delivered the curriculum for this event.


Participants indicated with an overall average of 3.7 on a 1 to 4 scale (4 being exceeding expectations) that they found the objectives clear, the presentation effective, and materials useful. They gain knowledge on effective adult learning, establishing a safety culture, procedure to develop accountability measures for safety, methods to develop an effective safety orientation, and the process for creating safety performance metrics. The working relationship with the Master Builders of Iowa was successful and it justifies collaboration on the second Safety and Risk Management Academy and the decision to host this event annually.

July 30, 2007
182 - Farm Safety and Bio-security

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