AgMRC Agricultural Marketing Resource Center Continues to Expand Outreach

Ray Hansen, Interim Director, Value-Added Agriculture Programs


The Agriculture Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC) established in 2002 was the result of a competitive grant submitted under the leadership of ISU-VAAP in partnership with the University of California Davis and Kansas State University.  AgMRC has grown to be a nationally recognized virtual resource center for value-added agriculture entities. The inital phase of the project was dedicated to getting content on the site, the current second phase is focused more on building networks and relationships that help facilitate educational outreach to value-added agricultural businesses.


AgMRCs umbrella mission is to provide independent producers and processors with critical information to build successful value-added agricultural enterprises. The current primary objective is to build a strong national partnership of contributors and users to the site.


AgMRC contributors continue to add and update relevant materials and tools to help producers across the country. In 2007 16 states participated in contributing special projects or content areas to the site. These contributions provide user the most current and relevant resources available on a national scope. AgMRC staff attend national conferences and seminars promoting the site and helping users understand how to fully utilize the resources within the project. Those resources include:

 - Over 170 diverse Commodity profiles are highlighted.
 - The Market and Industry section with information on food, tourism, fiber and energy.
 - Interactive business planning tools.
 - Directory of specific state resource personnel, laws and contracts.
 - A directory of consultants and value-added agricultural businesses.
 - Each month averages more than 100,000 visitors and 40,000 downloaded files.
 - Every day more than 3500 individual  people visit the site.
 - Staff responded to over 500 email or phone inquires annually.
 - A new partnership with Illinois Extension was formed resulting in a national portal to

180 Other ANR Programs


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