Healthy Economies (International Program): On-line Agricultural Marketing Resource Center in Croatia

Daniel Burden, Mary Holz-Clause, and Reg Clause, P&S, Value-added Agriculture and Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC)


This project established an electronic agricultural resource similar to the US-AgMRC project that is a cooperative project between Iowa State University, Kansas State University, and The University of California at Davis.  The project was developed by ISU Value-added Agriculture Project to assist the Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb, Department of Agricultural Marketing, to develop a similar web site and then to provide training to potential contributors and users in its concept and benefits, use of the site, and encouraged their potential contributions to the project.  An objective of this training was to engage future participants, gage reaction to site format and content, and to establish and prioritize topic areas for inclusion or further development.


The primary goals of the Croatian electronic resource project are to assist the various sectors of the agricultural community to recognize challenges posed by European Union ascension in 2010, develop tools to assist them in meeting those challenges, promote information exchange regarding proper quality management and business practices, and mentor extension faculty of the Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb.  A subsequent benefit of this project is the creation of a student and faculty exchange program with students from ISU, Montana State University, Chief Dull Knife College, Penn State University; and the College of Agriculture, University of Zagreb.



Iowa state University and the project participants thank World Learning, DAI, and USAID for allowing us the opportunity to address the goals and objectives of this project, as well as their patient assistance and support of our efforts.  We are continuing to focus our time and effort into seeing this work expand and become a premier example of inter-institutional, cultural and agricultural education.

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