Audience Feedback Helps Fine Tune Private Pesticide Applicator Presentations

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Paul Kassel, Field Agronomist

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170 Pesticide Applicator Training

Audience Feedback Helps Fine Tune Private Pesticide Applicator Presentations

Information presented at Private Pesticide Continuing Instructional Course (PCIC) meetings needs to be relevant and useful to fulfill IA Dept of Land Stewardship requirements and ensure safe and economic pesticide use by Iowa producers.  Sometimes it is difficult to obtain quantificable information from participants.

What Did You Do? 
A survey on corn and soybean fungicide use was developed to assess the level of corn and soybean foliar fungicide use.  Turning Point ‘clickers’ were used by the audience to respond to the survey.  Audience responses were recorded and summarized. 

Seventy- three percent of the audience sample (total number was 268) indicated that they had used foliar fungicides in their operation.  Most farmers (87%) gained an understanding of the mechanism of crop yield response to fungicide application. Sixty three percent of the respondents indicated that fungicide use on corn was ’not worth it,’ indicating a lack of yield response and/or excessive cost of product and application, which agreed with Extension recommendations. Seventy two percent indicated that application equipment availability and timeliness of application were factors that reduced their adoption of fungicide application.  However, 12% indicated that they would definitely apply fungicides on corn next year. 

Survey results regarding fungicide use on soybeans was similar to the corn data.

This information that shows that PCIC attendees have not embraced foliar fungicide use as was previously perceived.  The lack of crop yield response and application expense has decreased the adoption of fungicide application.  Research conducted by Iowa State University and other land grant institutions shows that fungicide applications are profitable about two-thirds of the time. 


170 Pesticide Applicator Training

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