Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification Program

Kristine Schaefer, P&S, Entomology Department


Federal and State laws require that all people who purchase and apply restricted use pesticides and any applicator that applies pesticides for hire be certified according to established standards.  Iowa State University Extension develops and delivers the recertification training programs to commercial pesticide applicators across the state.


The main objective of the commercial pesticide applicator recertification program is to provide pertinent and timely information to pesticide applicators so they have the knowledge to safely and effectively apply pesticides.


Approximately 8,000 commercial pesticide applicators, from 20 different certification categories, participate in recertification training every year.  Training programs are offered as live satellite broadcasts, live programs or prerecorded videos, depending on the certification category.  About 37 recertification training programs are presented each year in the different categories at various venues throughout Iowa.  Recertification participants are asked to fill out an evaluation following the program that assesses the value and effectiveness of the program.  Details are given here on the evaluations from the Ornamental and Turfgrass Applicators 2006 recertification program.  The program included information on the topics of laws and regulations regarding pesticide applications, equipment calibration and safe application techniques, pesticides and pesticide labels, and pest and pest management topics relevant to ornamental and turfgrass pest issues.  A total of 1828 applicators attended the live satellite videoconferences for Ornamental and Turfgrass Applicators in 2006.


Program evaluations from 495 participants who attended the November 15, 2006 satellite videoconference are summarized here.  Ninety-three percent of the participants responded that they currently (55%) or will likely (38%) calibrate their pesticide application equipment on a regular basis during the season.  Also related to equipment calibration and safe application techniques, 64% said they currently modify their application practices to minimize drift and 30% said they will likely do so in the future as a result of the program.   In the area of pest management, 57% of participants reported they have a better understanding of weed management in new tree plantings and 45% said they can better identify the main grass weeds encountered in turfgrass as a result of the program.  Overall, 96% of the respondents rated the presenters preparation and knowledge as excellent or good.

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