Customizing Private Pesticide Applicator Continuing Instruction Courses with Local Research Results

Jim Fawcett, Field Specialist-Crops, Southeast Area

Problem Statement:

Crop producers need to be educated each year on the current pest management technologies available so they can learn how to safely and economically manage weeds, insects and diseases that threaten their crops. New pest threats, including soybean aphids and Asian soybean rust, increases the importance of educating growers each year on how to scout for and manage pest infestations.

Programmatic Response:

Twenty-nine private pesticide applicator sessions were conducted in the winter of 2006-07 across the seven counties that I serve. Local research results from weed, insect, and disease control plots on farmers fields and from the research farm at Crawfordsville were used to increase the producers interest in the information. Research results were shared from trials that I conducted on Asian dayflower and Canada thistle control, as well as work done in farmers fields and on the research farm on managing corn rootworms. Experiences in Brazil were also shared to provide growers with first hand knowledge on managing Asian soybean rust.


Over 1500 crop producers attended the 29 private pesticide applicator continuing instruction courses that I presented in the 2006-07 program year. Farmers were interested in seeing research results from work going on nearby. Over 90% rated the programs as good to excellent and many provided good comments on the program. One farmer made a point of calling the extension office the day after attending a continuing instruction course and stated, it was the best one Ive been to in years. Jim did a good job presenting, and the information was very interesting. I just wanted you to know.

March 26, 2007
170 - Pesticide Applicator Training


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