Natural Resource Conservation Education

Name and Position/Title: 
Kapil Arora, Agricultural Engineering Field Specialist

Fiscal Year Submitted:

POW Title and Number:
160 - Natural Resources and Stewardship

Natural Resource Conservation Education

Issue (Who cares and Why):
Need exists to increase the adoption and implementation of conservation practices as related to utilization of indices and diagnostic tools for improved nutrient management.

What Did You Do? (Outputs – these may include educational meetings, demonstrations or research, media, facilitating, partnering)
Over the last twenty-four months, 36 producers have requested assistance with implementation of RUSLE2 and Iowa Phosphorus Index. This has required an educational response to help individual producer seeking assistance on how to manage soil erosion on their fields, which tillage practice help conserve top soil, and what are critical areas in regards to resource conservation in their fields.  This educational response has also included assisting several producers with RUSLE2, Iowa Phosphorus Index, and Nutrient Planning calculations for their respective operations.

Results (Outcomes – was there a increase in knowledge, new skills learned, new decisions made, new practices implemented, increased profitability, new standards, enhanced quality of life)
Over 5,000 acres were impacted for soil erosion and over 11,000 acres were impacted for nutrient management when working with these 36 producers. By understanding, implementing, and improving resource management strategies, these producers were able to reduce soil loss from their fields by 0.76 tons per acre per year on an average basis. In addition, these producers were able to save over $14,000 in reduced fertilizer costs by implementing a better nutrient management and utilization plan.

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