Conference addresses Renewable Wind Energy Generation

Kapil Arora, Field Agricultural Engineer and Alan Keninger, Field Agronomist

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160 - Natural Resources and Stewardship

Conference addresses Renewable Wind Energy Generation

Local involvement of Wind Energy Development companies has generated interest in local land owners, livestock producers, city and county officials, and schools on how to draw and benefit from wind as a renewable energy resource. There is very little local information available to these individuals to draw on.

In conjunction with Iowa Energy Center, Jasper Economic Development Corporation, and Newton Development Corporation, ISU Extension – Jasper County organized the Central Iowa Wind Energy Conference in Newton on May 14, 2009.  Speakers included staff from Iowa Energy Center, Iowa State University Extension, local and regional utility representatives, and early adopters of wind energy.  Conference included an open panel discussion with early adopters of wind turbines, utility company representatives, and participants.

Participants (over 122) consisted of rural and urban land-owners, livestock producers, agri-business professionals, utility company employees, media representatives, extension employees, city, county, and school officials, school students, and contractors.  Information provided at the conference and the panel discussion helped participants to understand the feasibility of their wind energy turbine projects, including how wind can be harvested for energy.

A total of 66 complete conference evaluations were received.  Eighty six percent of the participants ranked the conference as good or excellent, with 97% agreeing to recommend the conference to a colleague.  Ninety nine percent found the conference speakers to be knowledgeable in explaining wind energy principals and regulations.  Eighty eight percent agreed that the speakers used effective presentation skill.  Eighty three percent agreed that information obtained through the conference to be of applicable in their decision making on how to use wind as a renewable energy resource either at home or work.  Ninety three percent of participants completing evaluations agreed that the conference addressed the issues as advertised and responded to issues effectively.

Comments received included: “Very good meeting. Thank you very much. I learned quite a bit.”, “Very informative!”, “Glad that this conference was held.  Not too long ago people who were interested in wind tech were thought to be on the fringe.  Conferences add to the perception of viability to wind tech.”, “Great that the extension took the initiative to do this conference in Newton!” etc.


160 - Natural Resources and Stewardship


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