Strip-Till Field Day

Neil M. Wubben, Mitchell/Floyd County Extension Education Director, Northeast

Problem Statement:

Producers continue to use full-width tillage for crop production leading to increased probability of soil erosion and nutrient losses to lakes/streams.

Producers are not aware of resources available to help them implement reduced tillage practices.

Programmatic Response:

ISU Extension and ILF partnered with the Mitchell County NRCS office in organizing a Strip-till Field Day in September of 2008. The purpose was to present the latest research information on Strip-till to producers in Mitchell and adjacent counties.  The program consisted of Dr. Mahdi Al-Kasi sharing the latest information on strip-till research; Dr. John Sawyer spoke on nutrient management in reduced tillage situations; and, Bob Vbora, NRCS, discussed the impact of reduced tillage on soil structure. 

The Rainfall Simulator was on site demonstrating the effect of residue on reducing run-off.  Dr. Matt Helmers spoke to the group about residue and erosion control.

NRCS staff reviewed the programs that provide producer support for transitioning to strip-till or other reduced tillage practices.

Equipment dealers were on site displaying their strip-till equipment and after lunch each demonstrated their machines.  

Outcome Statement (one or more of the following):  

Over 125 producers attended this event from 4 different counties.  Many expressed interest in the tillage option. 14 producers contacted Mitchell County Extension office for more information.

NRCS reported several follow-up contacts with workshop participants and one EQUIP application as a result.  Another producer implemented strip-till on part of his acreage as a result of visiting with a workshop participant.


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