Agricultural Drainage Workshop

KJohn Eveland - Humboldt County Extension Education Director

Subsurface drainage is important for agricultural systems in Iowa and in-order to operate efficiently all components of drainage need to be designed properly.  Some producers are planning new or wanting to retrofit existing tile systems.  Producers are concerned about economic benefits of tiling and environmental impacts from drainage. 

A regional program was developed to focus on drainage design concepts, economics and long term benefits of tiling, drainage maintenance, USDA NRCS requirements, bioreactors, and wetlands.  Presenters for the regional program were from Iowa State University Extension and USDA NRCS.  Sponsors included; Farm Bureau, Humboldt Soil & Water District, PRO Cooperative, Bank Iowa, Northwest Bank, and Prinsco, Hancor, and AgriDrain Corporations. 

65 people attended the program including; producers, bankers, contractors, county supervisors, and county soil conservation district directors.  One attendee said, “This was best drainage program he had ever been to and hopes we continue next year”.  For an overall evaluation, 34 attendees indicated the information was useful for their operations, 6 people plan to choose a contractor due to this information, and 16 indicated they will plan a project for their operation as a result of this program.  As a response to an economic evaluation, 16 people determined the drainage workshop amounted to a savings of $.10 to $.50 per acre.   

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