Environmental Awareness Program for Youth

Jerry Weiss, Swine Field Specialist and Robert Behnkendorf, Kossuth County Extension Education Director, Northwest Area

Program Statement:

The purpose of this program was to put together an educational program dealing with our rural and urban environment as it relates to our agriculture communities. The target audience is grade school youth more specifically 7th graders in the schools in Kossuth County.

Kossuth County Extension Education Director, Bob Behnkendorf is the one who originated, developed and carried out this program with help from Northwest Area Field Specialist including; Ron Hook, Paul Kassel, Dennis DeWitt and others including myself. Bob obtained financial resources from the county Farm Bureau in the form of grant dollars for several years in a row. Several other county organizations also contributed to this program in the form of handout materials. An educational packet was developed and each student receives one of these take home packets when they go through this program.

The first year Bob developed this program the target audience was adult citizens of Kossuth and surrounding counties. This first year the program was very successful. That is when the County Farm Bureau who were more than willing to continue  the funding and were very agreeable to Bobs suggestion of taking this program into each of the schools in Kossuth County. It is at this point where Bob, myself and Randy Crosser who is an Environmental Specialist with Murphy-Brown, LLC Swine Operation, continue to develop and carry out this program these past two years.

Programmatic Response:

Impact/Outcome: 2008

160 Natural Resources and Stewardship

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