Iowa Manure Management Action Group-Fact Sheet Series

Angela Rieck-Hinz and Rachel Klein, P&S, Agronomy Department           


Due to the changing nature of manure regulatory issues, the Iowa Manure Management Action Group technical advisory committee identified a list of 18 topics of critical information/educational needs for Iowa crop and livestock producers. 


To develop a fact sheet to address each of the 18 topics identified as subject matter needs to help Iowa crop and livestock producers meet the regulatory, agronomic, environmental and economic issues of manure management.


To date, 9 of the 18 fact sheets in the Iowa Manure Manager Series have been developed, reviewed, and made available in print format to the members of IMMAG.  The tenth fact sheet is currently in development. 

The fact sheets are distributed by the members of IMMAG via their magazines, newsletters and Web pages.  In addition, the fact sheets are made available through the IMMAG web page at:

The fact sheets have also been distributed at the Iowa Pork Congress, Extension field days and workshops, and agency training workshops. 

Iowa Manure Manager Series, Volume 9, Summary of Regulation for Building or Expanding Open Lot and Confined     Beef and Dairy Operations with less than 1,000 Animal Units 

Iowa Manure Manager Series, Volume 8,  What is Meant by Crop Availability of Manure Nutrients?

Iowa Manure Manager Series Volume 7, Small Livestock Farms

Iowa Manure Manager Series Volume 6, Is Manure the Same as Fertilizer as a Crop Nutrient Resource?

Iowa Manure Manager Series Volume 5, Financial Resources for Livestock Producers

Iowa Manure Manager Series Volume 4, Being a Good Farm Neighbor

Iowa Manure Manager Series Volume 3, Winter Application

Iowa Manure Manager Series Volume 2, Land Application

Iowa Manure Manager Series Volume 1, Introduction

Outcome Statement: 

The outcome of this series of fact sheets is two-fold: 1) materials are being developed to provide awareness and knowledge of subject matter needs that were identified as a critical needs of Iowa crop and livestock producers by the IMMAG technical advisory committee, and 2) IMMAG partners have a mechanism by which to share manure management information with their clients, helping to assure their relevance to their clients. 


160 Natural Resources and Stewardship 

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