Environmentally Sound & Bio-Secure Disposal of Livestock Mortalities

Tom Glanville, Faculty, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering


Concentrated poultry and livestock production operations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are faced with increasing difficulty disposing of routine and emergency mortalities.  Increasing fuel/transportation costs, and prohibitions on the marketing and use of rendered ruminant byproducts, have taken a toll on the rendering industry, making it increasingly difficult and expensive for poultry and livestock producers to obtain this important service.  Concerns have also been increased by emergency livestock losses in 2006 caused by wild fires in North Texas, extreme and prolonged heat in Central California, and a Brucellosis outbreak in Alberta.  Events such as these have increased interest in and demand for scientifically valid information on environmentally sound and bio-secure options for poultry and livestock mortality disposal.


Develop and deliver research-based information on environmentally sound and bio-secure methods of animal disposal to livestock and poultry producers, environmental agency personnel, and policy makers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.


During 2006-07 I served on the planning and steering committees for the National Carcass Disposal Conference sponsored by USDA, USEPA, University of Maine, Iowa State University, and others.  The conference was held in Beltsville, MD during December of 2006.  This was a highly successful conference that was attended by more than 200 interested individuals coming from 37 different U.S. states, Canada, Germany, and Australia. 


Research results and recommendations provided by this program continue to be sought out by producers and regulatory groups, resulting in numerous invitations to give conference presentations or to participate in development of scientific or guidance documents.  Examples include:

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