Pork Industry Expansion and Community Relations

Russ Euken, Livestock Field Specialist, Northeast

Problem Statement:

Neighbors and communities in a couple of cases were upset and concerned by 2 family farm operations expanding their swine finishing operation. In one case the expansion was near Clear Lake. Several groups took initiatives to stop the expansion. There was a great deal of misinformation, lack of understanding or just no information for these individuals and groups to make good decisions.

Programmatic Response:

In both cases information on manure use, odor, etc. were presented to groups and individuals who were concerned and who would listen. In one case a tour was held for the public.


Individuals and groups were better informed of odor potential and manure use and current practices in todays swine production. In both cases the families were able to construct facilities without legal proceedings which had been threatened. 


150 Iowa Pork Industry Center
160 Natural Resources and Stewardship

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