Beef Feedlot Operation and Environmental Management

Russ Euken, Livestock Field Specialist, Northeast Area

Problem Statement:

Beef feedlots are being scrutinized for environmental impacts. Feedlot operators are looking for methods to manage the environmental impact of feedlots and help in understanding the regulations.  At the same time they are interested in expanding the size of their feedlot operation.

Programmatic Response:

Several types of programs have been held but two to highlight included a field day at a feedlot that has expanded and is using alternative technology to manage feedlot runoff versus a total containment system. Also a smaller forum was held that let producers pick and choose different stations that might fit their interest. Several agencies and organizations including Iowa DNR,  NRCS, and ICA were involved.


At the field day, over 300 people were exposed to the alternative technology and the research effort of monitoring runoff thru the system to measure success and impact.  The forum was attended by 42 operators.  It was rated as very useful by all those who turned in surveys and 25 % indicated they would be making some kind of change in the feedlot operation to manage runoff.


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