Web Site Creation for Iowa Aquaculture Association

Rich Clayton, Aquaculture Specialist, NREM Department


In recent years, a group of aquaculture producers formed the Iowa Aquaculture Association in the state.  This group consists of members that: produce and sell fish, consult on pond management, sell aquaculture supplies, and serve as an aquaculture veterinarian.

A recent concern of the association was the fact that normal marketing avenue, e.g., print advertising, were not increasing sales or visibility for members services.  It was noted within the group that the internet might be a potential way to increase visibility and thus sales.  With more and more people using the internet as a source of information, the members of the association felt there is a need for the creation of a new web site.  Several of the members had individual web sites and felt that a common web site that would link to their own sites might strengthen the association by giving more visibility to their services.  The web site will also have the potential to increase the membership of the association by giving each member space on the new web site.


The objective was to create and maintain a web site for the Association to increase their visibility and let people know what services are provided by the members. 


The members were asked what they would like to have included in an association web page.  With those responses, the following web site was created: http://www.iowafishfarmers.com/


The impact of this web site was identified in the first few months of its creation.  Many extension clients in the state, with pond management needs or fish purchase requests, were directed to the new site.  This web site has also been utilized by clients looking on the internet for aquaculture supplies.  It has also become a tool whereby I can send extension clients who are in need of these services.  This web site has given the aquaculture association an outlet for the general public to see what services are provided by the members.  I have sent over 30 clients to the web site in the first year.  This, in turn, has lead to the outcome of new sales for the association members.

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